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Inasmuch as I regards the psychoanalytical & pscyhosynthetic methods likewise as means of self-emprovement, your comparison with the yoga method seems throughly plausible to me. It appears to me, however, as one must emphasize, that it is merely an analogy which is involved, since nowadays far too many Europeans are inclined to carry Eastern ideas & methods over unexamined into our occidental mentality. This happens, in my opinion, neither to our advantage nor to the advantage to those ideas. For what has emerged from the Eastern spirit is based upon the peculiar history of that mentality, which is most fundamentally different from ours. / C. G. Jung / The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga / Intro XXI

..You build up an apparent Hindu system with the psychology of the Western mind, & you cannot do that - you simply poison yourself. / C. G. Jung / The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga / s. 2O

Keyserling was also critical of the adoption of yoga practices in the West: It is very significant that the Indian breathing exercises, which have been popularized by Swami Vivekananda through his lectures in America, have not helped a single American to a higher condition, but, on the other hand, are reported to have brought all the more into hospitals & lunatic asylums. ..It has not been proved, even of the most harmless exercises, ..that they are appropriate to the organism of the European. / C. G. Jung / The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga / Intro XXXI


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7 år sedan Kundaliniormen var skalv i oren lekamen & fragilt psyke; ampere tung i neuroprofan flicka. oo9 var jag vilse. o1O i dissociation. o11 accepterade jag gud i särgestaltad världsbild, & har sedan dess fredats. o12 drömdes anmodan att yoga & äntligen sker det, guidat av turkosvit aura. Aromatik, stearinlåga, mantra & meditativ buk i kundaliniyoga i källarlokal orion+taurus luna var i klyfta ovan. I fingertoppar kolsyra, i sakrala navelchakra - sexualitet\relationer\sensualism - boom boom; bultande trummas dån. 




Ord är av vikt, båd i jordligt (ordval fick mig att backa från X) ock gudomligt (»Krigare Ogin indoktrinerar för illumination« fick mig att backa från ayasessions sång). Aktsam beträffande kundaliniyogans vibratomantran ty aftonens var kirtan kriya Sa ta na ma, vilket skall darra kretsloppets ton i väsenharpa. Känner ändock viss oro att ta Satan till tungan, trots ickekristen - men jag är i tro att symboler ändock bär kraft; när i syre, andas vi liv i innebörd.


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