Am existing in third week's routine FAST: ~36 hours (one day of being awake) of liquids like white- & herbal tea, nettle water & gladly coconut water that perfects the mineral balance. The equivocal scientific research on the tropical electrolyte bomb is unimportant to me for by empirics it is determined to be a fountain of youth of alike class as the more expensive alternative aloe vera (though: aloe vera can be cultivated in the Nordic hemisphere!). This is not for weight loss, but for health benefits - for example the fasting hinders addiction to sugar, panders discipline & preventsgluttony which I - in true Rich Land spirit - am too keen of. Modest appetite makes the wild struggle easier & it is also kinder considering that we eat of others time & life.

As much as tea is for drinking - eco, solely white (caffeine generate physio anxiety in me) - it is also for eating. Tastiest now is Clipper's white orange; an independent forage alternative for us beyond Asias tea leaves is antioxidantic CHAGA mushroom which I eat after it is brewed 'til the end. Sometimes I mix dry tea in wet food - ex: porridge, dough, stews - but for the most part I heat - avoiding to boil - the tea until it is no longer good for water; after I eat it instead of throwing its curing chemical compound to the trash. The methodology is the same for akin beverage: rooibos, wild plants, herbs et cetera & without hesitation it - to both drink & eat - is a top 1O suggestion for foxy soundness.




Ideligen finner ϟ dessa mörkerdiamanter av björk - dock mest hårda, stora ena starkt fästa på meterstam & inte kan jag samla dom utan verktyg för klättra & lossa; vilket ske, berett, i höst med kamrat & skog där jag vet otaliga - & därmed självförsörjande av potent oxidationshämmare, samt medveten om var att åter skörda för chaga växer vidare sedan hugget. Chaga är parasitisk på björkträdet; koncentrerad björknäring - yttre\inre rening, kraft & fager hud (& variation av temperatur & tinktur frisätta variation av komponenter) - i sklerotia, & icke enbart télikt medicinskt väl för det vilda: chaga bistår vid behov att elda ty den fångar i enkelhet gnistor & brinner beständigt.

ϟ am eternally finding these dark diamonds of birch - though mostly hard, large ones strongly attached to metre stems & I cannot gather 'em without tools to climb & detach; which will be done, prepared, in the autumn with comrade & forest where I know of numerous - & then self sufficient of potent oxidation inhibiter, plus aware of where to harvest in the future for chaga grows further after the chop. Chaga is parasitic on the birch tree; concentrated birch nutrition - external/internal cleanse, power & fair skin (& a variation of temperature & tincture will free a variation of components) - in sclerotia, & not merely tea-like medicinal well for the wild: chaga assists when creating a fire for it easily catches sparks & burns everlasting.